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Success Through Service: Setting a Foundation for the Year Ahead

    It is my sincere honor and pleasure to serve as President of the TMA Chicago/Midwest Chapter for 2024. I am humbled by the Chapter entrusting me with the opportunity to lead us forward in 2024 and to continue building upon the successes of our predecessors. I specifically want to thank Kat Parker of HyperAMS, under whom I served as President-Elect, and who set a high bar for us to meet this year.

    As many of you already know, our theme for this year is “Success through Service.” I want each of us to take this to heart in 2024 (as many of you already have!) and maintain our focus on how three pillars of service—to clients, others, and ourselves—are the foundation for our professional, personal, and collective success.

    As the year unfolds, we have already seen service in action—our annual Milwaukee Post-Holiday and Martini Parties were both rousing successes, connecting members to one another, sparking new connections, and enjoying one another’s company. When we give of ourselves freely, the returns are often better than we could have expected.

    The opportunities to serve are not bound by major networking events alone. Service on committees (at both the Chapter and Global levels) provides opportunities to connect with other members and add value outside of professional engagements. Attending virtual power hours can expand your network beyond the Midwest. Taking on pro bono engagements can provide opportunities to build experience or simply lend the benefit of experience to a small business in distress. Simply put, service makes an impact.

    There’s so much to look forward to in 2024, and no shortage of opportunities for you to be of service to TMA, to benefit others and yourselves! The MARC promises to be one of our best yet, in new host city Grand Rapids, Michigan. This summer will see the return of our annual cross-organizational networking event with the Chicago Chapters of SFNet and ACG. And in May, Chicago will be the host city for TMA Global’s NOW Summit! Behind the scenes, our officers, committee chairs, and members are hard at work to provide the first-class networking and educational events we are so proud to provide to our members.

    None of this happens without the service of our members, administrative executives, and industry supporters. By being involved and of service, the impact you make does not go unnoticed. From the beginning of my involvement in TMA as a member of the Chapter’s Communications Committee, I was frequently reminded that volunteer positions are often viewed as “thankless.” But as I’ve grown professionally and within our organization, I’ve come to realize that the folks happily handling those thankless tasks are often the ones I think of most fondly. There is value in service, and I encourage each one of you to keep this in mind this year. Find ways to be of service, and you’ll find success.

    I can’t wait to see what else we achieve together this year, and hope that each of you finds Success through Service in 2024.

    Jack O’Connor, Levenfeld Pearlstein

    2024 Chicago/Midwest Chapter President