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NGLC Takes on Chicago

    By Alex Porter

    Lathrop GPM LLP

    Chicago proudly hosted this year’s TMA NextGen Leadership Conference (“NGLC”) on July 27, 2023, which turned out to be an amazing event with tremendous turnout from young professionals across the country. The NGLC is an annual event hosted by TMA’s national NextGen committee where NextGen members from across the globe are invited to get together for networking opportunities, educational sessions, and leadership development. Several members of Chicago’s NextGen Committee, including Sophia Levinson, James Gaylor, Sean Williams, and Alexander Porter worked with the national NextGen committee to make the event successful. The Chicago NextGen community also had a strong presence of local members in attendance, which demonstrated the growing and active NextGen community in Chicago. In partnership with Levenfeld Pearlstein, the Chicago NextGen Committee also co-hosted an “Opening Reception” the night of July 26, 2023 to welcome all attendees of the conference. Like prior years, the NGLC was a great opportunity for the NextGen community to get together, build strong relationships with peers, and continue to progress as leaders in the turnaround industry.