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President’s Message – Summer 2024

    To our members:

    The year is in full swing and I’m so glad to see all of the successes we’ve already achieved in 2024. In the past several months, we have seen our leaders and members take “Success through Service,” to heart and put action behind our commitments to ourselves and each other.

    This quarter, I want to speak to one of the three pillars of service outlined in my first message of the year: service to clients. As we are all aware, our clients are the lifeblood of our professional lives. I am grateful to know that, as the premier trade organization for the turnaround and restructuring industry, our members place client service at the top of their professional priority lists, seeking the best possible results from situations that are frequently challenging.

    Excellent client service creates a virtuous cycle for all of us: when working with professionals, clients come to understand that TMA members are the industry leaders in navigating distress and turnaround situations. Our experience with new clients and situations improves our ability to serve future clients in future engagements, and so on. Even in the toughest situations, we learn and grow alongside our clients.

    As a TMA member and leader, I know that my TMA network is filled with professionals I can turn to when their expertise is needed. Whether a client needs financial advisory assistance, financing, legal counsel, investment banking services, or any other number of the services our members provide, I can look to my TMA network to assist clients when needed.

    By maintaining our focus on serving our clients, we ensure that we raise the profile of our profession and the organization, confirming what many already know: if you need a highly skilled turnaround professional, look for TMA members.

    I encourage each of you to take advantage of what our Chapter has to offer in the coming months as we head into the second half of the year, so you can better serve your own clients. Attend an education event to improve your skills; consider becoming a Certified Turnaround Analyst or Certified Turnaround Professional; attend networking events to meet other professionals who can assist you and your clients in achieving their goals; and submit your successful deals for awards so you can brag to your friends and colleagues about the amazing results you have achieved for your clients!

    Service to clients is the bedrock of our professional success. When clients are served well, we all benefit. In short, we all find Success Through Service to our clients.

    Jack O’Connor
    President, TMA Chicago/Midwest Chapter
    Partner, Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC